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Raggedy Ann & Andy

Hi my name is Emma and I am Raggedy-a-holic. I am addicted to these floppy red headed sweet dolls. I cannot seem to stop myself. I don't want to! I know there are many more of you like me out there. This page is dedicated to all of us. So, come along and visit with my collection and the collections of some of my friends.

For those of you who are not familiar with Raggedy Ann, or do not know her history, please read on. One thing though, the most important thing....unlike most commerical dolls, Raggedy Ann was created out of love. This is what makes her very special. Her love is passed on everyday that a little huggable, squeezable Raggedy Ann doll is given to some adoring little girl or in our case adoring big girls. She is a doll for all ages and will be with us for all ages. Thank you so much Johnny Gruelle and his sweet daughter Marcella for giving the world Raggedy Ann and Andy!

How Raggedy Ann was born...

Story has it that Johnny Gruelle's young daughter Marcella found an old faceless rag doll in the attic one day that belonged to her grandmother. Her father drew a face on the doll and from then on she became Marcella's constant companion. They named her Raggedy Ann. Marcella's father, Johnny madeup stories about Raggedy Ann to amuse his daughter. Unfortunately Marcella never had the chance to grow up and died at an early age. Johnny immortalized both Marcella and Raggedy Ann by publishing the stories he had told her.

Raggedy Ann and Andy
Soft, red headed, floppy, and huggable cloth dolls.

Doll Manufacturers

  • P.F. Volland Company
    • Manufactured 1920-1934
    • Brown or auburn hair
    • Shoe button eyes
    • Feet turned outward
    • Candy or cardboard heart

  • Exposition Doll and Toy Company
    • In production less than one year 1934-1935
    • Looked more like Johnny Gruelle's drawings
    • Magenta colored hair with large topknots
    • Painted face and shorter wider nose
    • Did not make an Andy

  • Mollye Goldman
    • Unauthorized version 1935-1938
    • Painted features on oil cloth faces
    • Side glancing eyes (they did make a few with shoe button eyes)

  • Georgene Novelties Company, Inc.
    • Manufactured 1936-1962
    • Different shades of hair
    • Many different facial expressions
    • Tin eyes with much later dolls having protruding plastic eyes
    Take a look at these Georgene Raggedys

  • Knickerbocker Toy Company
    • Manufactured 1962-1982
    • Real redheads
    • Several different shapes sizes and looks
    • These are the dolls EVERYONE remembers
    Take a look at these Knickerbocker Raggedys

  • Applause Toy Company and Hasbro Company
    • Manufactured Applause 1981, Hasbro 1983 and Dakin 2000 - Present
    Take a look at these New Applause dolls and books for sale!

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    Special Events and Places to Visit

    Arcola Illinois hosts an annual Raggedy Ann and Andy festival each year.

    Little Annie's Attic If you love Raggedy's, they have everything you want!

    The Doll Lady The Best Raggedy Prices in Town.

    Raggedy Ann & Andy Museum Official Raggedy Ann and Andy site.

    Raggedy Land has many links and nice things for sale.

    Raggedy Place Another place that has lots of Raggedy things for sale.

    Raggedy Corner A fellow collector with a wonderful website that is full of info.

    Sandy's Raggedy Room A fellow collector with a really neat website!

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