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"Raggedy Ann's Afternoon" is Jaguarwoman Linkware, available for use on personal pages only, in return for a linkback to Jaguarwoman Webdesign. Please read Jaguarwoman's Terms of Use completely and indicate your agreement if you request the zipfile from

The zipfile includes the following . . .

  • The background tiles for the seamless borders and content table cell.

  • Buttons links for the usual array of titles for a personal page, either in the form of the navigation header and/or as freestanding buttons, and blanks of each button. The "Welcome" button can be substituted for the Title. (The alternate blank buttons for the header are indicated with an "a" following the name, as in "header004a.gif", so you can just substitute that in the code).

  • The html code for this page (index.html).

Design Notes . . .

The Raggedy Ann images used in this webset are the work of Johnnie Deuel, from a book of children's stories published in the 1920's, obtained from Art Today.

This is a great source of wonderful clip art for your personal or professional projects, with several levels of membership.

The font used here is "Jester".

Please note: this Guestbook graphic is not a single image,
but two, placed in a seamless table. You must
use the html code on this page to display them properly.

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